How to get effective eyelash curling natural treatment at home


To make eyes look bigger, a trend of curling eyelashes has been increased since past many years. For this purpose, many people use an eyelash curler.  Curling your eyelashes can actually facilitate in making your eyes stand-out and obvious. But at the same time, doing it wrong can lead to some damages to your eyelashes and can pull them out.  There are many eyelash curling natural treatment. Some people curl their eyelashes by using a spoon, mascara or all-natural aloe-vera gel to prevent them from getting damaged.

To get the long-lasting curl that helps your eyes pop, you do not need any fancy eyelash curler every time. However, always try to get the best and healthiest eyelash curler that has a soft and spongy pad. People must curl their eyelashes before applying mascara. Else, curler will stick their coated eyelashes. Few people also use a heated, circular comb, this electric eyelash curler which safely lifts and lengthens even the straightest lashes within the seconds, without pinching or squeezing them. Here, we will tell you Eyelash Curling Natural Treatment at home.

how to get curly eyelashes forever
how to get curly eyelashes forever


Here, we are telling you eyelash curling treatment using the spoon. This is a very effective way and everybody can do easily. But careless can damage your skin. That’s why to be careful during do it.


  • Take a regular size of the spoon. Fit this spoon in a way on eyelashes that the curve of this spoon should match the curve of your eyelids.
how to make your eyelashes longer
how to make your eyelashes longer
  • Warm the metal for a better curve because heat transfer to your lashes and your lashes will curve fast. Press them over the edge of the spoon into a bowl using your fingers. Hold them against the warm metal for about thirty seconds..Now, checkout do the eyelashes is bigger or not. If eyelashes are curled then repeat this process for another thirty seconds. If you want bottom eyelashes curl then you can do this process on bottom eyelashes. Do the same process to lashes on another eye. Make sure that spoon will warm before starting this process.
eyelash curling treatment
eyelash curling treatment
  • Apply mascara to stay curl for rest of day.
mascara that makes lashes longer
mascara that makes lashes longer
  • Use eyelash comb to separate the eye lashes and this will help to define your eye lashes.
 Eyelash Curling Natural Treatment
Eyelash Curling Natural Treatment


  1. Start by using the mascara wand to curl your lashes by moving across the roots in a zigzag motion.
  2. Now, hold the wand at the roots of your lashes for a few seconds.
  3. Slowly move towards the tips.
  4. Apply a second coat to hold the curl and for some extra volume.

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Written by Anindyaraj Mondal

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