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Best Antibacterial face wash and cleanser for Acne and Pimples

ANTIBACTERIAL FACE WASH AND CLEANSER FOR ACNE Acne becomes a common issue. It is increasing day by day. It is affecting 50 million American persons yearly. We can say it chronic and inflammatory skin conditions. Spots and pimples are results of acne. Acne can appear on any body part such as the face, shoulders, back, […]

How to reduce hair fall and regrow hair in 3 weeks fast

HOW TO REDUCE HAIR FALL NATURALLY Every strand of hair, on the physical structure of the human excluding bones, muscles, and organs, is on its own stage of development. Hair growth does not occur immediately. Generally, hair grows at roughly ½ inches per month. This means that the typical head of hair will grow six […]

Best lip balms for chapped lips and peeling lips with vaseline

5 BEST LIP BALMS FOR CHAPPED LIPS 2019 Lips balm are used to keep your lips moisturized. It removes any dryness from lips. It also helps to remove any crack on your lips. There is the huge variety of lips balm available in the market. Different brands are presenting different types of best lip balms. […]

How to get rid of white hair permanently and naturally

EFFECTIVE WAYS GET RID OF WHITE HAIR NATURALLY Hair is a very important thing for everyone. Hair can change the whole look. Everyone wants brown and black hairs. There are many hair problems. white hairs are the one in it. Most people don’ like white hairs. They want to look young always. Now, white hair problem starts in […]

How to get effective eyelash curling natural treatment at home

EYELASH CURLING NATURAL TREATMENT AT HOME To make eyes look bigger, a trend of curling eyelashes has been increased since past many years. For this purpose, many people use an eyelash curler.  Curling your eyelashes can actually facilitate in making your eyes stand-out and obvious. But at the same time, doing it wrong can lead to some […]

How to use castor oil for white stretch marks at home

CASTOR OIL FOR WHITE STRETCH MARKS AT HOME Castor oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make it useful for skin. Castor oil reduces the acne problem. Castor oil makes your skin smooth and soften. Castor oil is also used in many medical treatments for different skin purposes. Here, we will show the use of  Castor Oil […]

How to prepare homemade toner for brassy hair quickly at home

How to prepare homemade toner for brassy hair quickly at home hair-toner-at-home

Homemade toner for brassy hair naturally Hair toner is used to remove yellow and orange tones from your hair. Toners give you cool colour tones such as grey, blue, blonde etc. Mostly, toners are used to get ash blonde and ash brown colours. Most people say that toners are not good for your hair. But that’s not true. Good […]