Best and affordable raw gemstone jewelry in 2020 for female


Rough and raw gemstone jewelry are a beautiful way to wear natural stones & healing crystals. chose gorgeous selection of colorful Raw Gemstone jewelry rings that you can use as a engagement ring and nickles or buy as a gift for yourself. Here you will see best raw gemstone jewelry collection. We have collected best raw Gemstone jewelry which is really precious for ladies.

Raw Gemstone Jewelry
Jewerly Rings Engagement

Raw rough conflict free black and white diamonds
rough diamond rings


Alexandrite is a pleochroic gemstone, which means the stone exhibits a color change when viewed at different angles under daylight and incandescent lighting. The pleochrism effect is caused by the way the stone absorbs rays of light. This Alexandrite Raw Gemstone jewelry collection is created with lab grown gemstones.

Alexandrite Ring
gemstone sterling silver ring
pear shaped engagement ring

sapphire engagement ring


Raw stone Amethyst necklace is a purple crystal necklace made with a 10-12mm Amethyst gemstone that hangs on a delicate Gold Filled cable chain. Amethyst is a natural gemstone from Brazil. These rough cut stones will have sparkling inclusions and variations in size and shape. Raw crystal jewelry is a growing trend for those that love the organic look of raw stones. You can select your necklace in Sterling Silver or Gold.

Crystal Druzy pendant necklace
Moon Raw stone amethyst necklace
Ammonite Fossil Necklace
Natural Stone Amethyst Necklace


Amethyst is a natural untreated gemstone in the quartz family of minerals and is the birthstone for February. The largest deposits are found in Brazil, although these purple gemstones can be found in many places around the world.
The color comes from iron and aluminum deposits in the stone. Without the iron and aluminum, Amethyst would be a colorless stone.  Colors can vary from a light violet purple to a deeply saturated dark purple. The colors look best in natural daylight.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry


Our raw Aquamarine earrings are made with natural rough cut Aquamarine gemstones dangling from 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled marquise earwires. Raw stone jewelry is a popular trend for those that love the organic look of natural stones. Some Aquamarine crystals will have sparkling inclusions with variations in size and color. The drop length is 2 inches. Perfect for March birthstone gifts. Please let us know if you have a preference for lighter or darker stones.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
modern earrings with garnet
Sterling silver earrings


Moonstone is a natural gemstone belonging to the feldspar group of minerals known for its shimmering blue flashes of color. Moonstone has a unique crystal structure that creates an optical phenomena called adularescence. This blue shimmering effect is created by alternating layers of albite and orthoclase as the light enters the stone and bounces back. Moonstone can be found in many places around the world, with the most popular deposits in India and Sri Lanka.

Raw Moonstone Necklace
Quartz Moonstone Necklace


Rhodochrosite raw stone necklace is a pink bar necklace made with natural Rhodochrosite gemstones. These raw stones are polished chip beads with irregular shapes that make each necklace unique. Stones have a rosey pink color. You can choose necklaces in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold.

Rhodochrosite is formed from staligmites, which come from mineral rich waters that drip from the top of a cave onto the same spot on the cave floor leaving minerals behind that evaporate over time allowing Rhodochrosite to form.

Rhodochrosite Bar Necklace
Coin Pearl Necklace for Women
Bridesmaids Pearl Necklace

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