Top 5 Amazing Life Exchanging Makeup Hacks 2018-19

Life Exchanging Makeup Hacks 2019

Cosmetics are makeup products that help to enhance your beauty. These are used to enhance the appearance of your skin. These are work as a self and coverage on your skin. There is a wide variety available in the market. These cosmetics are increased day by day. Different brands are presenting a different type of products. And they are coming on more future cosmetic products. Every girl is crazy about makeup products. They want almost effective makeup products. Now a days, makeup has begun a part of life. Here, you will see amazing life exchanging makeup hacks 2019.

Cosmetic products area more expensive thing .And some people don’t know about basic of makeup. Even they don’t do simple daily routine makeup. Some people have a lot of cosmetics.H ere, we tell you about makeup hacks. In this article, we will tell you about makeup tricks. Even now you don’t need many cosmetics products.You can do your whole makeup with basic cosmetic products.Because,everybody can’t afford a lot of cosmetic products.Here,you can complete your whole makeup with basic makeup products.That’s why,read this article carefully.

Makeup Hacks 2018

5 Amazing Makeup Hacks 2019

How eyeliner pencil can turn into a gel using match box and lighter

Take a eyeliner pencil and hold that pencil on flame of lighter.Hold pencil some sec and allow it to cool 15 seconds.Now,you will feel pencil tip like gel.Gel gives blend look .You don’t need to work on blending.

Life Changing Makeup Hacks

Create a perfect feathered liner using a spoon

Some people has issue to create a eyeliner line.Here,we are telling you a solution of this problem.Take a spoon and place on eye corner.Now draw a line to follow the spoon outer line.

how to do winged eyeliner for beginners

Make smokey eye effect by draw hashtag at the corner of eye

Smokey eye gives a classy look.It is also in trend.Draw a hashtag at the corner of eye lid.Now blend this hashtag well using eye shadow brush.Apply black eye shadow on upper eye lid.Now,blend it well.

smokey eye tricks

How mascara can re-wet

Mascara dryness is a common issue.Here, we will tell you the solution of this issue.Add saline solution to make the mascara re-wet.

dry mascara hacks

Long lasting lip color trick

Everybody want long lasting lip color.For this purpose,first apply compact powder on lips using powder pad.Apply lip pencil on lips.Now apply lipstick color on lips.At last,take a tissue and place between on both lips.Press lips and remove the tissue paper.

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