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Simple Toe Nail Designs For Short Nails 

The meaning of manicure has got a new look in the last few years. Until lately, painted nails were a symbol of classic elegance. Traditional shades with timeless name pillar box red or ballet slipper pink dominated the market. But the boom in nail art and the trend for eyebrow-raising colors like steel grey, neon tangerine, and moss green have turned the rules upside down. Nails have never been so high profile in fashion and in popular culture and a new generation of young women are using nail polish to express their individuality, their fashion savvy, creativity, and even their humor“.
Here, you will see simple  Nail Designs.
The people who think that they can’t do any nail design on short nails. Now n need to worry about nail designs for Short Nails. There’s specificity in how we choose to do our nails,” said Miss Pop, the artist who created these four looks. “Those choices are joyful.”And now, the canvas is growing.
The newest nail art, largely inspired by the giddiness of the 1990s, spills onto the fingers and hands. Glitter, rhinestones, and beads make up most of the designs.
“People find it very challenging to paint designs on nails, but putting down some eyelash glue and sticking on a rhinestone? It’s so easy.”But some people don’t like it at no extent like“Really stupid trend given the number of years women have been quite content to just have some ordinary nail polish. It’s as if people have decided they need to have the tips of their noses airbrushed with pictures of the Wombles or dipped in gold to stand out from the crowd.
Simple Toe Nail Designs

Simple Toe Nail Designs 2019

Now, we are going to show you different but simple toe nail designs 2019. You can take nail design ideas from these.

1-Accent Nail Design

You Will Need

  • Blue nail paint
  • white nail paint
  • transparent nail paint
  • brush


Accent nail design is simple and cute nail art idea. For this, apply blue nail paint on all nails. Draw white flowers on one and two nails. Apply transparent nail paint for finalist application.

2-Boho-Chic Glitter Toe Nail Design

You Will Need

  • White nail paint
  • golden mini trips
  • golden glitters


Boho-Chic Glitter Toe Nail Design is another idea. For this, apply white nail paint on half nails. Golden glitters apply on other nails. Fix two trips on the white application. Apply transparent nail paint on all nails to give final application.

3-Glitter Nail Designs

You Will Need 

  • Blue nail paint
  • Golden Glitter
  • Transparent nail paint


Glitter nail design is attractive and adorable nail design. Glitter Toe Nail Designs For Short Nails.For this design, apply blue nail design on all nails. Apply light glitters application on some nails, not on all. Apply transparent nail paint on all nails for final application.

4-Pretty Pink Nail Design

You Will Need

  • Pink Nail Paint
  • Transparent Nail Paint
  • Stones


Pink is most the favorite color of girls. Pink attracts the girls especially teenager girls. For this design, pink nail paint is applied to all nails. Then take stones and apply on the half nail, not on the full nail. Apply transparent nail paint to give final application.

5- Rainbow Nail Design


You will Need

  • Nail paints of multicolor
  • Mini foam for marge
  • Transparent nail paint


Rainbow nail design is another attractive and beautiful design idea. It comes in Simple Toe Nail Designs. For this, apply one layer of any color on the nail. Then apply second nail color on the nail. Then, apply multilayers on all nails. Take foam and start marge all nail colors. Take transparent nail polish and apply on all nails for final application.

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