Best Amazing Pakistani Mehndi Designs To Try In 2018-19

Amazing Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2018-19

Mehndi is an essential part of our traditional system. It is also known as henna. It is very famous in western countries too. Mehndi is a symbol of art, culture and also of the region. There are different mehndi designs such as Arabic and Indian etc. Everyone wants a beautiful and different from the last time. Mehndi enhances the beauty of our hand’s skin. Girl’s crazy about mehndi designs. Every event is incomplete without mehndi.

Mehndi design is a most important thing for bridal for her special day. Every lady needs to look beautiful in the event. Lady of every age can apply mehndi. It has become so crucial on weddings that the brides could give any amount of money as demanded by the Henna applier. So yes, it’s a mean of making you look beautiful on your every essential function. Here in this article, we are telling you different but fabulous bridal mehndi designs 2018.

5 Amazing Mehndi Designs 

1-Paisley Styled Bridal Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for wedding latest

Paisley mehndi design is like Arabic mehndi design. This design is made to draw fine leaves and big flowers. It is opposite to Indian design. Here, we are showing a paisley styles mehndi design. You can take an idea of paisley design.

2-Floral Pattern Mehndi Design

rose flower mehndi design

This mehndi design is a mixture of both paisley and floral pattern.This is another awesome mehndi design. This design starts from mid hand to fingers.

3-Fascinating Bridal Mehndi Design

easy mehndi design 2018

Fascinating mehndi design is a fabulous design. Mostly bridals want this type of design on her special day. This is perfect for bridal on her wedding day. It is the mixture of both Arabic and Indian mehndi design.

4-Beautiful Dark Mehndi Design

mehndi design

This mehndi design can be done on any function. Dark mehndi looks attractive and beautiful. Its flower design on fingers are so interesting outline and weave make it more beautiful.

5-Simple Glittery Mehndi Design

simple mehndi design 2018

Glitters are used for more enhance the mehndi designs and also hands. It is also best for bridals. Glitters enhance the outlines of mehndi. Make it more attractive and beautiful.


Leg Mehndi Design Pattern

Leg mehndi pattern is very essential part for bride. Bridal looks incomplte without mehndi.Mehndi can give diverse effects to your legs. Furthermore, legs are the best canvas for showing your skill of applying mehndi. In various Asian countries, it is a part of their culture to apply mehndi on hands, feet, arms and legs. With the passage of time, the trend of leg mehndi got immense popularity. When you have many option of mehndi design and you have to choose one it creates very difficulty for henna lovers.There are different mehndi designs you can apply all around your legs to make them beautifully decorated. Most popular among them is the intricate anklet design that is made of small petals and chains around the ankle. It is followed by a big motif with leaves and curvy flowers.

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