How To Apply Easy Nail Polish Designs For Short Nail 2019

Stylish Nail Polish Designs 2019

Nail art is an artwork which uses to paint, beautify, enhance, and adorn the nails in a creative way. Nail polish design is basically applied to fingernails and toenails, usually after doing manicures or pedicures. A manicure and a pedicure are beauty treatments that trim neat, shape and clean the nails of hands and feet. Also, these procedures are the best way to remove the cuticles and make the skin soft around the nails. These treatments avoid natural nail from yellowing or staining. Now, Nail Polish Designs are playing a very important role in the fashion industry.

One can decorate nails by using glitters, piercing, adding different accessories (studs, rhinestones, miniature plastic bow-ties, beads, and aluminum foil). Manicurist uses several tools such as nail doters (also known as “dotting tools”), nail art brushes and pens, stationery tape/ stickers, thin, colored striping tape sponges (for gradient effects) to decorate the nails. Here, we are showing different adorable nail designs.

beautiful nail polish colours

Best Nail Polish Designs 2019

Nail art is another most important thing for girls. Nail art is a way to attract others. There are huge designs of nail art. Nail art is also a type of art. Here, we are going to show most trendy and beautiful nail polish designs.

1-Dotted and Glitter Nail Polish Designs

nail designs pictures

These nail polish designs are perfect for girls. For this you need silver and purple glitters nail glitters, white and transparent nail polish. In this design, white is used as the base and then draw dots using silver and purple glitters. Now, apply silver glitter nail polish on half fingers and purple on another half. Now, apply transparent nail polish for final application.

cool nail art


 Nail Polish Designs 2019

2-Lines Nail Polish Design

For this nail polish design, you need black, tea pink and transparent nail polish. Apply tea pink nail paint as a base application on half nails. Now take the brush and dip in black nail paint. Draw lines on nails. Take transparent nail paint and apply on all fingers as a final application.

nail art designs

3-Palm Tree Nail Paint

This is a palm tree nail polish design. It gives a cool look. For this design, you need white and different colors of nail paints. Apply White nail polish as base application. Now, draw palm trees from different colors on every nail. Apply transparent nail paint as a final application.

palm leaf nail art

Fun Palm Tree Nail Paint

4-Multi colors Nail Polish Design

This design gives a cool and pretty look. For this, you need different colors of nail paint and transparent nail paint. Draw different layers of nail paint one by one. Apply transparent nail paint as a final application.

Nail Polish Designs

Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails

Multi Colors For Luxe Nails

5-A Twist on Ombre and French

A slight coffin shape, or ballerina slipper shape for those that don’t like the more morbid term, is accentuated with a bold aqua. Pushing the boundaries one step further is a gorgeous gold accent nail with a clear half-moon. Gold nail designs can tend to get somewhat gaudy if they aren’t balanced with other design elements. We love this look as it provides just enough flash to be interesting without becoming tacky or overbearing.

6-Summer Nail Art Design

Here is summer nail art foe summer season. Which will go very nice in this summer. Summer winter fall will explore many different nail art design. Makes your nail more fresh and attractive. These summer nail art make your hand more dry and attractive.

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