How To Apply Eye shadow Step By Step To Different Eye Shapes

How To Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step Easily

Eye Shadow comes in makeup which is used to make one’s eyes more attractive. It applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. Eyeshadow is available in multiple different colors and textures. Many people have used a wide variety of ways for the application of eyeshadows to add depth and dimension to their eyes. But some people don’t know how to apply eyeshadow.

In Western areas, it is considered a feminine cosmetic, even when used by men. According to their skin tone and experience, people apply different bright, bold colors of eyeshadows to create a memorable look. The effect of eyeshadow usually brings out the charm and gains attention. Generally, people use simple water and soap or lotion to remove all traces of color but a commercial eye makeup remover can also be utilized for this purpose. Here, we are telling you how to apply eyeshadow.

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Ways To Apply Trendy Eyeshadow 

Eyeshadow is the one most favorite thing of all ladies of this era. Makeup is incomplete without eyeshadows. Here, we are going to show how to apply eyeshadow in different ways.

Creating Smokey Eye

  • Apply highlighter on your eyes using a flat brush.
  • Apply lightest eye shimmer color onto the inside corner of your eyes.
  • Apply middle color using the stiff flat brush along your entire eyelids. Start from the base of the lash line to slightly above the crease.
  • Apply Dark eye color using the domed brush along the lash line.
  • Apply bit darkest eye color using pencil brush along the bottom lash line.
  • Blend well.

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Applying Banana Style Eyeshadow

  • Apply base color over entire of eyelid using a stiff flat brush. If you want glitter type shade. You can add some highlighter.
  • Apply the darkest color using pencil brush.
  • Stretch the dark eye color back. Forth side of the entire wrinkle to darken it. Make the eye further deep set.
  • Blend the eye color well using a flat brush. Slightly blur the outer edges of an eye using the brush. Remember, don’t blend too much.

How To Apply Eye shadow

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