The Most Expensive Corniche Watches For Men’s And Women’s 2019

Latest Corniche Watches For Men’s And Women’s 2019

Watches play an important role in everybody’s life. It helps to keep your life on a track. There are different watch brands. But here, we are going to tell “corniche watches”. Corniche comes in two booklets such the certificate of authenticity and the instruction manual. But both are expensive and look more luxurious. It has excellent swedes. It is a very simple but classy look. The most interesting thing about corniche watch is that it has 50m water resistance. Now you can wear it during your shallow swimming. Corniche watches gives it very finished look. The dial of corniche watch is available in both black and white. Its gold polished plating reflects in pleasantly way. The printing “Croniche” on a dial is very fine and proper.

The mission of this watch brand is very simple. Its main mission to help people to look great and classy in their important events. It is the best option for both men’s and women’s with your dresses in events. The “corniche” is actually a French word. It meaning after translations are “cliff road “. Cliff road describes the beauty of mountains routes that along with “French Riviera”.

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Men’s Historique

Its latest collection might be brand new. But it is still capable to keep all classic vintage pieces. Tapered unpadded calf leather strap, an old-school slide -outbox and a classic steel buckle makes it different from other watch brands. It comes in all over the classic watches.

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Men’s Heritage 40

The collection of men’s historique has been basic in our watch collections for more than five years. You can say it dress watch. You can wear it in your normal days. It gives stunning look. Men’s heritage collection contains a sapphire crystal, engraved case back, butterfly clasp ceramic dial. These materials make this brand different and classy.

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Women’s Heritage 36

Heritage 36 is a petite version of heritage 40 collections. It is a perfect watch for ladies. When owner realize that it is going to down to more than the only size. It was the biggest challenge. It gives classic looks to all ladies.

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Corniche Bracelets

The brand “corniche” also presents corniche bracelets. These corniche bracelets come in three shades such as yellow gold, steel and rose gold. These are available in two sizes. These bracelets come in 316L stainless steel. These bracelets have finished polished that makes them attractive and classy. Corniche bracelets are small in size. These bracelets are polished on top and brushed on sides. It has book cloth covered presentation box. The most interesting thing about corniche bracelets is 30 days return policy. These bracelets are the best option for both men’s and women’s. Here, you can see the images of corniche bracelets.

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The Presentation Box

The external look of the corniche gives real joy. Its external look is adorable and cool. This is a delightful piano-lacquered wooden box. It has chrome hinges and a comfortable release button. You will see this within charming cardboard and wrapped in a piece of velvet. The case box is very charming and attractive. Here, you can see the image of the presentation box clearly. The presentation box has very fined and beautiful look.

Christophe Claret DualTow Night Eagle 

If Batman wore a watch, this would be it. Not only is it packed out with gadgetry, but it also looks moodier than a 14 year-old boy at a garden centre.Limited to 68 pieces, the ‘Night Eagle’ is a modified version of the earlier ‘DualTow’ concept. The time is told on two revolving belts, and the movement offers a chronograph with a special planetary gear system.

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